I have known Christine for over 10 years, in several capacities.

Initially I hired Christine as a Recruitment Consultant, working with L.J. Hooker corporate office to assist in the interviewing and selection process of future salespeople. We became friendly as a result of that successful contact and she is now a close friend.

Not long after this, Christine came into my real estate business to assist when I had staffing issues whilst she was a trainer with a number of training organisations and TAFE Colleges. This was a wonderful working partnership.

Christine is one of the most honourable people I know and is a confident, loyal and a conscientious woman who is an asset to this industry. Generally, all who come in contact with Christine in a business environment became a friend, as she always takes that extra step to help everyone achieve.

Helen Cunningham
L.J. Hooker Roseville

Chris is a brilliant trainer. Her training methods get you thinking and get the most out of each day, through an open training environment.
I feel confident in my knowledge. The class interaction was exceptional. I had been struggling doing the course by correspondence until now – the course made a world of difference.
Carla Milotic

What a wonderful way for new people for the industry to do the training. Chris made it great and very enjoyable and I never lost focus.
I learned many new things that I did not know and will be implementing so many of the ideas and sharing them.
Dianne Helmich

I have enjoyed the wealth of knowledge and experiences that my trainer (Christine) offered. The course was very informative. Many aspects of the course will benefit my current work experience, particularly communication.
Sezan Malcok

Christine rocks! I learned how to get a head start in the industry and will have an inside look into the industry.
Matt McNiell

Christine was absolutely awesome. Just by attending, all the knowledge will be implemented in my everyday work.
Daniel Sampey

I have known Chris for over 9 years. We met when I was recruit by Chris into the real estate industry by franchisors of L.J. Hooker Dural. Chris was my first contact with the industry and was in charge of my interviewing and psychological assessment at the head office in Alexandria, prior to my being employed and subsequently trained through LJ Hooker’s own sales program.

After our initial meeting, Chris quickly became a guide and mentor to me in an industry not renowned for its friendliness. If not for her, I dare say I would not have stayed in real estate and not achieved what I have to date in my own real estate sales office. Her support has greatly helped me attain where I am in this life, financially and also personally.

It’s people like Christine that the real estate industry needs in it, to keep its moral fibre in check. We need her to mentor others in this industry as they cross her path, as I did, sculpting their minds and impacting on the type of people and professionals they will become. Her positive influence on the type of agent I became, is testament to the good she can do for others in the future.

Brad Wheatley
Principal & Licensee
B W Property