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How To Be An Awesome Virtual Professional in Real Estate

The ultimate aim of a real estate agent (apart from being a fantastic sales person, helping people buy and sell possibly their biggest asset(s) and making a wonderful income) is having a PA. As an agent, you have generally “made it” when you can afford to pay the cost of hiring a PA. This is what a lot of agents aspire to, particularly when they first start in the industry.

As an agent, one of the most critical roles to be successful is keeping in touch with buyers and sellers. Unfortunately, most agents do this poorly. In fact, one of the major complaints the Office of Fair Trading receives about real estate agents, is their lack of contact, particularly towards sellers. Generally, if agents do not have good news, they don’t bother to speak to people.

This is also a typical scenario when an agent meets potential buyers at an Open Home. The lack of follow up. As an Agent, I know that if a buyer is interested in purchasing a property, they will contact the agent. Why wouldn’t they if they want to buy the property? So there is a perfect excuse for an agent to not bother! Does this set a good example for someone looking to sell their home with that Agent. I wouldn’t think so.

Communication is vital to the success of a real estate Agent and most fail miserably at it.

As a Virtual Professional in Real Estate, you can take over the responsibility for the agent you work with. You will become the person the client will contact, allowing the agent to do what he/she does best, list and sell properties.

A successful Agent works on dollar productive activities. That is, activities that make money. Sadly this does not include entering information into a live database, the details of potential buyers who visited an Open Home.

The lead time required to make a successful sale can be anywhere from a few months to a number of years. Often buyers will say, they are just doing their homework in preparation for when they are in a position to buy. Sellers will often say they are just doing their research knowing, they are going to sell their property one day.

The importance of maintaining contact with buyers and sellers, keeping the database current and knowing the Agent’s properties for sale, their owners and the potential buyers is critical. However, not all agents have the luxury of a PA, because they need to pay for them to work in the office, pay a wage which also includes superannuation, sick pay and holiday pay and expect them to have a level of competence and maturity to confidently speak to buyers and sellers.

Remember, the Agent is responsible for the payment of their PA, not the owner of the business. Generally, Agent’s are not prepared to pay the amount required to get a person with the skill level needed.

This creates an opportunity for the confident Virtual Professional. You will have the ability to enter information into the database and more importantly keep the level of communication open with buyers and sellers. Buyers will one day want to sell, and sellers often repurchase, particularly if they have a relationship with an outstanding Agent.

The opportunities to move into areas within real estate are endless. As a real estate agent, particularly when I worked the East Coast of Australia and Internationally, I know that having a PA or Virtual Professional would have been an enormous benefit, as I struggled to do all the daily things required. It is only recently I have discovered the benefits of Virtual Assistants and Virtual Professionals.

In speaking to friends in the industry in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and USA, all have stated the need for a good Agent to be a successful Agent is dependent on the help they receive and a Virtual Professional would solve their problems. Some already have Virtual Professionals and believe they have added huge value to their businesses.

Virtual Professionals know the clients, the properties, they know how to write copy for an advertising, maintain the database, they can write and post social media campaigns. They also understand the culture of the area and have excellent verbal skills. Virtual Professionals become an integral part of an Agent’s business.

This program will not give you the licensing requirements needed under the Office of Fair Trading. To sell and list property, you must do so only with a Agent’s Certificate or License

Our next program is starting on 18th May 2013 at Quest Apartments, 151 Bourke Street, Melbourne.

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How To Be An Awesome Virtual Professional in Recruitment

Recruitment companies are a necessity to a number of organizations and people. However, for some they are completely over priced and people will not use them.

Recruitment fees are generally charged based on a percentage of the annual income of the position they are wanting to fill. Depending on the role, this can be a very large sum of money as the calculation of the fees can take in the base salary, superannuation, car allowance etc.

Generally it is only organisations that have big budgets for hiring staff or a business has exhausted its search and reached desperation, that the finally speak to a recruitment company.

However, there are a number of organisations and people who genuinely need the services of someone to take over the responsibility of recruiting staff.

The role of a recruiter can cover many areas including telephone screening, developing the right questions to ask a candidate, understanding the values of an organisation, reference checking in line with the answers to specific questions asked, the list goes on.

Often a Job Description is needed, or an advertisement to appear on job sites or in the press. Unless these have already been developed by the organisation, they need to be written. Job Descriptions in particular, need to be updated regularly. This is a function rarely carried out by companies.

Once you understand the basics of recruitment, it can be transferred to any industry. The formula is the same, whether it be for hiring office support, accounting, sales, management, etc.

The opportunities to work as a Virtual Professional in Recruitment are huge.

There is potential to work for a recruitment company or within an organisation who manage their own recruitment. Or sell your services to a client, and be your own recruitment business. Regardless of whom you work with, you would only charge for the hours you work. Unlike the staff these businesses employ, your costs are far less.

Communication is vital to the success of a recruiter.

Have you ever applied for a position on a website or in the paper and not heard from anyone? It is too common and I believe it is rude. Is it because people are busy doing other things? Imagine a recruitment company that responds to everyone. Would that set them apart from the rest? I think so!

You will learn to sell your services in the recruitment field and the opportunities to be successful at it are endless.

Our next program is starting on 8th June 2013 at Quest Apartments, 151 Bourke Street, Melbourne.

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